The name "Thomas" is likely a reference to Thomas the Apostle. Its pronunciation is relatively consistent across languages, but it has many different spellings. It may be shortened to something like "Tommy", "Tomi", "Thomy", "Tomek", "Toma", "Thom", or "Tom". The shortened names are sometimes short for different names; examples include תומר/Tomer ("palm tree" in Hebrew) and Томислав/Tomislav (the first King of Croatia).

Levines are sometimes Russian members of the Tribe of Levi. Levites go by many different surnames, and many of these share pronunciations or even spelling with names of entirely different origins, such as Lavigne and Leofwine. Many settlements and geographical features are have similar names, such as Levi, Levin, Lake Lavine, and Levinovac.

Thomas Levine
Alaska, USA
Tom Levine
Thomas Lavin
California, USA
Thomas H Levine, PhD
Connecticut, USA
Tom Levine
Florida, USA
Tom Levine
Thomas Caldwell Levine
Pennsylvania, USA
Thomas LeVine
Indiana, USA
Thomas Levine
Massachusetts, USA
Thomas Levine
Nevada, USA
Thomas Y. Levin
New Jersey, USA
A. Thomas Levine
New York, USA
Thomas K Levine
New York, USA
Tom Levine
Ohio, USA
Thomas S Levine, DDS
South Carolina, USA
Tom Levin
Thomas J LeVine
Virginia, USA and New York, USA

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